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Not Your Average Dream Blog ~

miami-dream-interpretation The Vivid Dream Blog, and it’s companion Dream Symbol Dictionary, are far more than a simple catalogue of common dream symbols.  Rather, you will find an in-depth discussion about the emotions dreamers may have surrounding these symbols.

The emotions we associate with dream symbols, not just the pictures themselves, make up the very fabric of dream imagery!

Dream Symbols Are Unique To The Dreamer

dream-analysis-blogPay attention to the symbols in your dreams, as the feelings they evoke within you give them meaning.

While butterflies in a dream are delightful to one person, these winged-beasts may evoke anxiety or confusion in another person’s dream.

Identifying the emotions we have toward dream symbols is the first step towards unraveling the mysteries of our dreams.

Don’t Rely On Dream Dictionaries Alone!

A dream dictionary may be able to add some insight, but will never interpret the full meaning of a dream symbol.  The Vivid Dream Blog discusses different dream symbols, variations on the emotions symbols evoke, and challenges you to understand what various symbols can teach about your own waking moments.

Custom Dream Analysis

Individual dream analyses are also available and may be requested online from the comfort of your own home.