“Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.” – Heraclitus

Without realizing it, most adults tend to function in a state of autopilot.  They get up, do nearly the same things that they did the day before, and go to bed thinking about the tasks they should do tomorrow.  Their lives are focused on shoulds and musts, rather than on what stirs their hearts and makes them feel alive.  Routine rules over intuition.  Then years down the road, they feel unfulfilled and wonder why it is that they feel so dissatisfied.

Getting out of that state of autopilot and learning to pay attention to one’s desires and inner feelings is the remedy.  Gestalt Therapy is a therapeutic approach that is dedicated to living in the moment.  The focus is on what you are thinking, feeling, experiencing, and sensing right now.  Learning how to live in the present, to be spontaneously you, rather than always thinking of the future or the past, is key to living fully and authentically.

This therapy approach is a powerful way to raise your awareness and elevate your level of consciousness.  It’s concern is on a way of being in the world, of penetrating the outer protective layers and finding what is most uniquely and fundamentally true about who you are.  If you are brave, you will discover surprising things about yourself.  You will find a sense of freedom from fears and limitations that you thought was not possible.  And, you will grow and walk on the path towards actualizing your great potential.

Perhaps the most important part of our work together in therapy will facing your fear, and discovering how it is robbing you of your authenticity.






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