A chair or a couch symbolizes the foundation of beliefs upon which you have built your life.  This framework of beliefs guides your everyday decisions.  In your dream are you sitting on something solid, or is it broken and crumbling?  How does it feel to sit on it?  It could be comfortable, or hard and painful.  At this time you may be in a process of questioning your beliefs.

Example:  One woman who dreamed of her mother’s couch later went to a dreamworker to explore the meaning of this symbol.  When asked by her dreamworker to state if she liked this couch or not, she replied, “I don’t like the legs!”  As she further explored her dream she came to realize that the legs of the couch symbolized her foundation.  It was a symbol of the many beliefs that she had been taught by her mother that had been harmful in her life, and she was in the process of questioning and discarding those past beliefs in order to heal from her past.