A friend of mine once stated, “Clothing is what we associate with our identity.”  This applies very much to the appearance of clothing in dreams as well.  Clothing represents pieces of your past experiences that you have internalized into your beliefs about who you are.  Clothing can change the mood of what you are experiencing based on the type of clothing that you are wearing.  Different pieces of clothing can represent various facets of your personality.

Example:  A theme seen in the dreams of those who are religious is that of wearing both sexy clothes with religious clothing.  Often, these individuals are having difficulty combining their sexual feelings with their spiritual feelings.  A bikini may be mixed with rosemary beads, or some other variation based on the person’s culture.  These individuals are experiencing difficulty in making peace with both their spiritual yearnings as well as sexual urges.  The assumption is that you have to have either one or the other, but not both.  In these dreams, both needs are being expressed through the clothing that is worn.