Dreams where you are naked or partially naked indicate that you are feeling vulnerable and exposed.  The exposure is usually something emotional, but the feeling that it gives is similar to the feeling that you get when you are actually naked.  You most likely recently verbalized some of your more private thoughts which you fear are being scrutinized by others.  Maybe you did something embarrassing at work, or let someone know of your interest in him or her and are uncertain if that person will reciprocate.  Whatever it may be, let yourself tolerate the vulnerable feelings instead of pushing them away.  There may be upcoming rewards for having exposed your true self!

Example:  One woman stated that after she and her roommates had spent the evening talking about their deep feelings with each other, she had a dream that night that everyone was having a “naked party”.  All of those who had participated in the conversation that evening were, in her dream, sitting on chairs and couches naked while they talked.  Ay carumba!