A car often symbolizes a state of mind or of being by which you travel through life.  You may be driving an old car from your past, which could mean that you are holding onto past beliefs or ideas that are “old” and outdated.  You could also be driving a new, shiny car, which symbolizes a newer state of consciousness and way of being.

The type of car that you are driving in the dream and your associations with that kind of car give you clues as to which beliefs that you are currently operating from in life.  Are you driving too fast, too slow, or in circles?  The way that you are driving can indicate the manner in which you approach the world around you.

Example:  You are driving your first car that you had as a teenager in your dream.  The dream occurs just as you are getting ready to make a trip back home for Thanksgiving.  Upon reflection, you realize that every time that you go home, you regress to being afraid of your father’s judgments.  In response to this fear, you fall into the same old arguments with him.  Therefore, a change in scene (going back home) causes you to go back to solving problems in the manner that you did when you were a teenager.

Maybe the dream is showing you the need to revisit how you view yourself.  It’s time to look at yourself through new eyes, and decide if you like who you are, in spite of your father’s opinions.


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