Teeth Falling Out


Dreaming of your teeth falling out means that you are battling feelings of insecurity.  You may be facing some big changes in your life such as a move to a new city or a life transition which makes you feel “uprooted”.  Your foundation and security are being pulled out from under you, so you don’t feel confident.

Some people dream that one tooth falls out and then the dream progresses to the whole mouth losing teeth.  For others, it is one or two teeth but no more.  Some dream that their teeth are rotting, or that their teeth are breaking into pieces.  The number of lost teeth can indicate the degree to which you feel that your security has been threatened.  Your whole life could have changed, or you could just be feeling self-conscious in one specific area of your life such as your appearance.

Dreaming of losing your teeth is a “universal dream”, which is a dream that is commonly had by all human beings across cultures.  You can learn more about this dream from Dr. Marcia Emery, below.