If one of your toys from your childhood appears in your dream, you may be experiencing some feelings in your current life that are similar to those that you felt when you were a child.  The kind of toy that appears will be a clear indication of what you are grappling with in your life.  It may be time to let the inner child inside of you out.  There may be feelings that you dismissed as a child that are actually important for you to feel and resolve now.  Let yourself go into those infantile feelings.  You can’t become a grown-up unless you do.

Example:  A woman finds that she is dreaming of her childhood doll.  She loved this doll dearly, and snuggled with it at nights when she felt alone and afraid.  This doll provided a sense of security and safety for her.  She may be experiencing some emotions in her present life that compromise her feelings of safety, thus she is yearning for the comfort and security that her doll seemed to give her as a child.