Symbolism in Dreams


What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the word, door?

This is a question that I ask people all of the time.  And every time I ask the question, I get a different response.  

Here are just a few of the responses that I have heard over the years:

Door  – “Openness, Closedness.”

Door –  “Closed, trapped, forgotten, abandoned, hidden, meaningless.”

Door – “My closet door from my room when I was a kid.”

Door – “My sliding glass door.”

Door –  “Hiding, secrets, and shame.”

Door – “My front door made of wood.”

Door – “My car door.” 

Door – “Gateway, mysterious, what is beyond it?” 

Door – “The door to my soul.”

Door – “A black hole.”

Dream Symbols are Unique

As you can see, we each have our own experiences and associations with the word door. 

While we all know what a door is, what we think of first when we hear the word is very different from what others imagine. 

An aborigine may have no life experience with a door to an airplane.  He will therefore think of an image of a door that is very different from what a pilot might imagine.

It is by this process that our minds create symbols in our dreams, and this is why our dream symbols must be explored. 

Symbols Portray our Strongest Emotions

The idea of a door could bring feelings of fear to one person while it could bring peace to another. 

So, paying attention to the feelings that our dream symbols evoke within us is extremely important.  Our emotions give meaning to the symbols. 

In fact, they are the very fabric that make up the imagery. 

Going into our emotions and identifying them is key to unraveling the mysteries of our dreams.

A Doorway Opened

I recently ran across this song, “Making Mirrors”, by the popular singer Gotye.

He sings about a doorway and adds an unmistakable imagery of opening up to something new, something unknown, something inside that’s been just out of reach.

“Dreamt of a doorway, that opened to everything …” Can you relate? Listen and enjoy.