Dreaming of being a spirit is similar to being invisible in a dream.  It signifies that you are seeing something which is true but hidden from plain view.  If you dream that you are able to see someone and what he is doing without him seeing you, then you are most likely tuning into something about that person’s true nature that he would not show you normally if that person knew that you were watching.  You may be perceiving something about that person that you wish was not true, so you consciously try not to see the truth of the person’s behavior.  But, your subconscious knows better!

Example:  A young girl once had a dream that she died and became a spirit.  She dreamed that she was flying through the air.  She didn’t know where she was going, but then landed at a house.  She walked through the wall of the house, without thought, and walked into a room where she witnessed her mother having a discussion with a man.  As she watched this discussion, she discovered that her mother was plotting a bank robbery with him.  Shocked, the girl begged and pleaded with her mother not to do it.  She tried and tried to warn her not to commit this crime.  But her mother did not hear her, and continued to plan the robbery with glee.

Later in the girl’s life, her mother began scamming people out of money.  Her mother didn’t literally rob a bank, but she robbed people of their money through her scamming behaviors.  The girl had dreamed of her mother’s true nature years before the scamming began.  If you dream of being invisible and you see someone behave in an unusual way, you may be tuning into something about him that you consciously don’t realize.  But, take caution not to be too judgmental.  The dream could also be about your own fears, and not about that person’s nature at all.